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definition of the word therewith

by the Wiktionnary

Old English þǣr wiþ, þærwiþ. Compare Swedish dervid, Danish derved.

therewith (not comparable)


not comparable

none (absolute)

  1. With this, that or those.
    ca. 1370: He ȝaue ȝow fyue wittes//For to wershepen hym ther-with - Piers Plowman, ii-16
    I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content. - Philippians, 4:11
  2. In addition to that; besides, moreover.
    To speak of strength and therewith hardiness. - Geoffrey Chaucer
  3. Thereupon, forthwith; with that being said or done.
    1869: 'I take the privilege, Mistress Ruth, of saluting you.' ...And therewith I bussed her well. - Richard Blackmore, Lorna Doone, 1.

therewith” in Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913.

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