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definition of the word star

by the Wiktionnary

Stars (1)
A star shape (2)

Old English steorra, from Proto-Indo-European *h₂stḗr.



star (plural stars)

  1. A luminous celestial body, made up of plasma (particularly hydrogen and helium) and having a spherical shape. Depending on context the sun may or may not be included.
  2. (geometry) A concave polygon with regular, pointy protrusions and indentations, generally with five or six points.
  3. (figuratively) A widely-known person; a celebrity.
  4. (acting) Actors in leading roles in movies, television shows and other dramatic media.
  5. An exceptionally talented person, often in a specific field.
    His teacher tells us he is a star pupil.
  6. (printing) An asterisk (*).
  7. A symbol used to rate quality. Used e.g. for hotels, with ratings from 1 star (poor quality) to 5 star (top quality).

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