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definition of the word spahi

by the Wiktionnary

From French spahi, from Turkish sipahi, from Persian سپاهي (sipāhī) ‘horseman, soldier’ (> English sepoy), from سپاه (sipāh) ‘army’.



spahi (plural spahis)

  1. (history) An Ottoman Turkish cavalryman, especially as recruited under a land-based system.
    • 2001: ‘I hear that the great Sadiki Bey illustrated a copy of Strange Creatures, commissioned by an Uzbek spahi cavalryman, for only forty gold pieces.’ — Orhan Pamuk, My Name Is Red, tr. Erdağ M Göknar
  2. (history) soldier in a mainly Arab-recruited cavalry (originally horse, later light armored) regiment in French colonial service in (former/ in name still) Ottoman North African provinces

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