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From Old French reaume, realme (kingdom), of unclear origins. A postulated *rēgālimen Late Latin cross of regimen with rēgālis is usually cited.



realm (plural realms)

  1. An abstract sphere of influence, real or imagined.
    • 1907, Tada Kanai, translated by Arthur Lloyd, Seven Buddhist Sermons, "The World and How to Pass Through It"
      Why should we despise anything in the realm of Buddha?
    • 2006, Christian Neef, "Diary of a Collapsing Superpower", Spiegel Magazine, November 22,
      At home in Moscow, Mikhail Sergeyevitch Gorbachev, who had launched a campaign to rejuvenate the Soviet realm []
  2. The domain of a certain abstraction.
    • 1922, Judson Eber Conant,The Church The Schools and Evolution, "Truth Must be Classified Scientifically",
      One thing more which the scientific man does is to accord primacy to that realm of truth which is primary in importance.
  3. (formal or law) A territory or state, as ruled by a specific power, and particularly those territories ruled by a king.
    • 1874, Horatio Alger, Brave and Bold, Chapter XXXI,
      And, of this island realm, he and his companion were the undisputed sovereigns.
    • 1913, Leslie Alexander Toke, Catholic Encyclopedia, "St. Dunstan",
      Then seeing his life was threatened he fled the realm and crossed over to Flanders, []

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