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definition of the word profound

by the Wiktionnary

Anglo-Norman profound, French profond, Latin profundus; pro before, forward + fundus the bottom. See found to establish, bottom lowest part.

profound (comparative more profound, superlative most profound)


more profound

most profound

  1. Descending far below the surface; opening or reaching to a great depth; deep.
  2. very deep; very serious
  3. Intellectually deep; entering far into subjects; reaching to the bottom of a matter, or of a branch of learning; thorough; as, a profound investigation or treatise; a profound scholar; profound wisdom.
  4. Characterized by intensity; deeply felt; pervading; overmastering; far-reaching; strongly impressed; as, a profound sleep.
    • Profound sciatica. Shakespeare
    • Of the profound corruption of this class there can be no doubt. Milman.
  5. Bending low, exhibiting or expressing deep humility; lowly; submissive; as, a profound bow.
    • What humble gestures! What profound reverence! Dupp.

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