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definition of the word play

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Rank of this word in the English language, from analyzing texts from Project Gutenberg.
London save length #580: play remained bear service

Old English pleġa, plæġa



play (plural plays)

  1. Activity for amusement only, especially among the young.
  2. A literary composition, intended to be represented by actors impersonating the characters and speaking the dialogue.
  3. A theatrical performance featuring actors.
  4. An individual's performance in a sport.
  5. A major move by a business.
  6. A geological formation that contains an accumulation or prospect of hydrocarbons or other resources.
  7. An area of free movement for a part of a mechanism. such as the amount of slackness in a drive chain.
    No wonder the fanbelt is slipping: there’s too much play in it.
    Too much play in a steering wheel may be dangerous.
  8. (turn-based games) An action carried out when it is one's turn to play.

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