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Party (gathering)


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< Middle English < From Old French partie < Mediaeval Latin partita (a part, party) < Latin partita, feminine of partitus, pp. of partiri (to divide); see part.



party (plural parties)

  1. A social gathering for entertainment and fun.
    I'm throwing a huge party for my 21st birthday.
  2. (law) A person participating in a contract or legal action.
    The contract requires that the party of the first part pay the fee.
  3. A legal entity which represents a faction of the people from a country and is united under one specific political platform of issues.
    The green party took 12% of the vote.
  4. (In 18th & 19th century Britain) A parliamentary faction without a corresponding legal entity.
  5. A group of people travelling or attending an event together, or participating in the same activity.
    We're expecting a large party from the London office.
  6. (gaming, online gaming) Active player characters organized into a single group.
  7. (video games) Group of characters controlled by the player.

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