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definition of the word part

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From Middle English < Old French part < Latin pars (part, piece, portion, share, side, party, faction, part or role, character, part or lot, fate, task, lesson, also part or member, etc.); akin to portio (a portion, part), parare (to make ready, prepare).



part (plural parts)

  1. A fraction of a whole; a portion. syn. transl.
    Gaul is divided into three parts.
  2. A distinct element or component.
    The parts of a chainsaw include the chain, engine, and handle.
  3. A group inside a larger group. syn. transl.
  4. Duty; responsibility.
    to do one’s part
  5. Share, especially of a profit.
    I want my part of the bounty.
  6. Position or role (especially in a play).
    We all have a part to play.
  7. A unit of relative proportion in a mixture.
    The mixture comprises one part sodium hydroxide and ten parts water.
  8. 3.5 centiliters of one ingredient in a mixed drink.
  9. A section of a document.
    Please turn to Part I, Chapter 2.
  10. (US) The dividing line formed by combing the hair in different directions. syn. transl.
    The part of his hair was slightly to the left.
  11. (music) The melody played or sung by a particular instrument, voice, or group of instruments or voices, within a polyphonic piece.
    The first violin part in this concerto is very challenging.
  12. (Judaism) In the Hebrew lunisolar calendar, a unit of time equivalent to 3⅓ seconds. syn.

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