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Diagrams showing the structure of the caffeine molecule.

Summary: < French molécule < New Latin molecula (a molecule), diminutive of Latin moles (a mass); see mole.

French molécule (1674, Pierre Le Gallois, Conversations tirées de l'Académie de M. l'abbé Bourdelot, contenant diverses recherches et observations physiques) cited in Quemada, Bernard (1965), Datations et documents lexicographiques (tome 3).

Medieval Latin molecula (early XVII cent., Pierre Gassendi), cited in Le Grand Robert de la Langue Française (2e édn) tome 6. ISBN 2-85036-094-5. pp. 522–23. Diminutive of moles



molecule (plural molecules)

  1. (chemistry) The smallest particle of a specific element or compound that retains the chemical properties of that element or compound; a group of atoms held together by chemical bonds.
  2. A tiny amount.

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