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definition of the word maa

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See also Maa, and mää


maa (genitive maa)

  1. earth
  2. land
  3. ground
  4. country
  5. countryside

From Uralic *maγe. Cognates include Estonian maa and Karelian mua.

  • IPA: [mɑː]
  • Rhymes: -ɑː
  • Hyphenation: maa


  1. earth
  2. soil
  3. land
  4. ground
  5. country
  6. countryside, in some expressions
    • mennä maalle = to go to the countryside
    • mennä maahan = to go to the country (e.g. to Spain)
    • Hän on maalla = he is in the countryside
    • Hän on maassa = he is in the country (within the national boundary)
    • Panin sen maahan = I put it on the ground - see note

Note: Due to the multiple meanings of maa, case ´forms are used to help distinguish the meanings and these case forms are not what one might expect based on normally application of the case form.

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