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definition of the word imago

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Latin imago.



imago (plural imagines)

  1. The final developmental stage of an insect after undergoing metamorphosis.
    • 1973: ‘But still,’ he said to himself, drawing the metamorphoses of a red admiral, egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and imago on his pad, ‘what shall I say to him when we meet?’ — Patrick O'Brian, HMS Surprise

From Latin imago.

imago n. (plural imago's, diminutive imagootje)

  1. image
    De Nederlandse fotograaf Anton Corbijn heeft een belangrijke invloed gehad op het imago van de band.[1] — The Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn has had an important influence upon the image of the band [U2].

imāgō (genitive imāginis); f, third declension

  1. image

Third declension (3).

Number Singular Plural
nominative imāgō imāginēs
genitive imāginis imāginum
dative imāginī imāginibus
accusative imāginem imāginēs
ablative imāgine imāginibus
vocative imāgō imāginēs

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