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definition of the word hasta

by the Wiktionnary

Written form of a reduction of "has to".


  1. (colloquial) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hafta. has to; is required to.
    He hasta visit the doctor.

From Spanish hasta, "until," especially hasta luego, "until later."


  1. (colloquial) goodbye


  1. to hurry


  1. Partitive singular form of hapsi.

hasta (spear)

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hasta (genitive hastae); f, first declension

  1. a spear, lance, pike, carried by soldiers and used for thrusting
  2. vocative singular of hasta#Latin


  1. ablative singular of hasta#Latin
    Petere aliquem hastā.
    To attack any one with a spear.

First declension (1).

Number Singular Plural
nominative hasta hastae
genitive hastae hastārum
dative hastae hastīs
accusative hastam hastās
ablative hastā hastīs
vocative hasta hastae

Arabic حتّى (hatta). Compare Portuguese até.


  1. until
  2. up to, to the point of, as much as
  3. even

Conjugations of hasta
Infinitive hasta
Present tense hastar
Past tense hastade
Supine hastat
Imperative hasta
Present participle hastande, hastandes
Past participle hastad


  1. hurry; rush


  1. ill, sick
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