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definition of the word hair

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Middle English hēr, heer, hær, Old English hǣr from Proto-Germanic *haeram. A cognate of the latter seems to be Lithuanian šerys. From the same Germanic word come, indirectly, Old Frisian hēr, Dutch haar, German Haar, Old High German hār, Icelandic hár and Swedish hår.


countable and uncountable; hairs

hair (countable and uncountable; plural hairs) (but usually in singular)

  1. (countable, uncountable) A pigmented keratinaceous growth that forms thin spires and grows out from a follicle on the human head, or the collection of them.
    Then read he me how Sampson lost his hairs. - Chaucer
    And draweth new delights with hoary hairs. - Spenser
    Young man, comb your hair at home, not in the classroom.
    She said she couldn't go out with me Friday - she had to wash her hair.
  2. (uncountable) The collection or mass of filaments growing from the skin of humans and animals, and forming a covering for a part of the head or for any part or the whole body.
    The hair on a bear makes a warm fur coat.
  3. (zoology, countable) A slender outgrowth from the chitinous cuticle of insects, spiders, crustaceans, and other invertebrates. Such hairs are totally unlike those of vertebrates in structure, composition, and mode of growth.
  4. (botany, countable) A cellular outgrowth of the epidermis, consisting of one or of several cells, whether pointed, hooked, knobbed, or stellated. Internal hairs occur in the flower stalk of the yellow frog lily (Nuphar).
  5. (obsolete) A haircloth. - Chaucer
  6. (countable) Any very small distance, or degree; a hairbreadth.
    Just a little louder please - turn that knob a hair to the right.

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