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definition of the word gentilis

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From gēns (race, clan).

gentīlis m. and f., gentīle n.; third declension

  1. of or belonging to the same family or gēns
  2. of slaves who bore the same name as their master
  3. (poetic) foreign, exotic
  4. of or belonging to the same people or nation

Number Singular Plural
Case \ Gender M.F. N. MM.FF. NN.
nominative gentīlis gentīle gentīlēs gentīlia
genitive gentīlis gentīlis gentīlium gentīlium
dative gentīlī gentīlī gentīlibus gentīlibus
accusative gentīlem gentīle gentīlēs gentīlia
ablative gentīlī gentīlī gentīlibus gentīlibus
vocative gentīlis gentīle gentīlēs gentīlia

gentīlis (genitive gentīlis); m, third declension

  1. a heathen, pagan

Number Singular Plural
nominative gentīlis gentīlēs
genitive gentīlis gentīlium
dative gentīlī gentīlibus
accusative gentīlem gentīlēs 1
ablative gentīle gentīlibus
vocative gentīlis gentīlēs

1 May also be gentilīs.

  • gentilis in Charlton T. Lewis & Charles Short, A Latin Dictionary, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1879
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