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definition of the word gens

by the Wiktionnary


  1. generations


  1. An extended Roman clan, whose members are related by birth or marriage.


  1. a bit
  2. a few

From Latin gens.

gens m. pl.

  1. set of people
    Ces gens-là ont toujours été sympas avec moi.
    Je n’aime pas les gens qui se prennent pour le nombril du monde.

gēns (genitive gentis); f, third declension

  1. Roman clan, related by birth or marriage and sharing a common name.
  2. tribe; people
  3. the chief gods

Number Singular Plural
nominative gēns gentēs
genitive gentis gentium
dative gentī gentibus
accusative gentem gentēs 1
ablative gente gentibus
vocative gēns gentēs

1 May also be gentīs.

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