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definition of the word enchasten

by the Wiktionnary

En- (an intensifying prefix) + chasten (to chastise, subdue, or render chaste).[1]

to enchasten

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to enchasten (third-person singular simple present enchastens, present participle enchastening, simple past and past participle enchastened)

  1. (rare, chiefly literary) Render chaste.
    • 1907: Harry Houdini Collection, The Arena, p134
      I am the Child that motherless must weep,
          To hallow and enchasten all the land;
      And I am motherhood that cannot sleep,
          Without the pressure of a tiny hand. […]
    • 2006: Henry Kirke White, The Poetical Works of Henry Kirk White: With a Memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas, p77/83
      […] And shall it e’er be said, that a poor hind,
      Nursed in the lap of Ignorance, and bred
      In want an labour, glows with nobler zeal
      To laud his maker’s attributes, while he
      Whom starry Science in her cradle rock’d,
      And Castaly enchasten’d with his dews,
      Closes his eyes upon the holy word,
      And, blind to all but arrogance and pride,
      Dares to declare his infidelity,
      And openly contemn the Lord of Hosts? […]

  1. ^ The Oxford English Dictionary (2007).
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