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definition of the word dry

by the Wiktionnary

From Old English dryġe (dry)

dry (comparative drier, superlative driest or dryest)



driest or dryest

  1. Free from liquid or moisture.
    Could you hand me a dry towel?
    My throat feels itchy and dry.
    Cover the chicken as it bakes or it'll get too dry.
  2. (chemistry) Free of water in any state; anhydrous
    Dry alcohol is 200 proof.
  3. Maintaining temperance; void or abstinent from alcoholic beverages.
    A former alcoholic, he's been dry for almost a year now.
    You'll have to drive out of this dry county to find any liquor.
    It was a dry house.
  4. Of an alcoholic drink that is not sweet, and /or has a high alcohol content.
    I like to take a dry sherry before lunch on Sundays.
  5. (of a person or joke) Subtly humorous.

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