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definition of the word deed

by the Wiktionnary

A deed of displacement (4).

From Old English dēd, (West Saxon) dǣd, from Proto-Germanic *-dēdi-, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰēti-. Cognate with Dutch daad, German Tat, Swedish dåd. The PIE root is also the source of Ancient Greek θέσις (thesis), Latin conditio.



deed (plural deeds)

  1. An action or act; something that is done.
    I will punish whomever is responsible for this deed!
  2. A brave or noteworthy action; a feat or exploit.
    The knight's deeds won the hearts of the people.
  3. Action or fact, as opposed to rhetoric or deliberation.
    I have fulfilled my promise in word and in deed.
  4. (law) A legal contract showing bond.
    I inherited the deed to the house.

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