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definition of the word credit

by the Wiktionnary

For verb: < Latin creditus, pp. of credere (to believe, trust, confide)

For noun: < French crédit < Latin creditum (a loan, credit), neut. of creditus, pp. of credere (to believe); the other noun senses are directly from the verb.

to credit

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to credit (third-person singular simple present credits, present participle crediting, simple past and past participle credited)

  1. (transitive) To believe.
    Someone said there had been over 100,000 people there, but I can't credit that.
  2. (transitive, accounting) To add to an account (confer debit.)
    Credit accounts receivable with the amount of the invoice.
    For the payroll period credit employees' tips to their wages paid account and debit their minimum wage payable account.
    The full amount of the purchase has been credited to your account.
  3. (transitive) To acknowledge a contribution.
    I credit the town council with restoring the shopping district.
    Credit the point guard with another assist.

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