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definition of the word copper

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Chemical element
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From Middle English coper, from Old English coper, from Latin cuprum, contraction of Cyprium aes (copper ore of Cyprus', a source of good copper), from Ancient Greek Κύπρος (Kupros), Cyprus).


countable and uncountable; plural coppers

copper (countable and uncountable; plural coppers)

  1. (uncountable) a reddish-brown, malleable, ductile metallic element with high electrical and thermal conductivity, symbol Cu, and atomic number 29.
  2. (countable) Something made of copper.
  3. The reddish-brown colour/color of copper.
    copper colour:    
  4. (countable) A copper coin.
  5. (Australia, UK) (archaic) A large pot used for heating water or washing clothes over a fire.
    Mum would heat the water in a copper in the kitchen and transfer it to the tin bath.
    I explain that socks can’t be boiled up in the copper with the sheets and towels or they shrink.

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