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definition of the word bumpkin

by the Wiktionnary

from either Flemish boomken, "shrub, little tree", diminutive of boom, "tree" (cf. German Baum, PIE bheu-) or from Middle Dutch bommekijn, "little tree", diminutive of bomme, "tree , barrel". Both can be compared to German Baumke or Baumchen (de), meaning the same as the other two (German -ke, -chen, Flemish -ken). Note that the English word boom is etymologically related to the afformentioned "Baum", "boom", and "bomme". (in the sense of "large stem", or "big tree".


  1. a clumsy unsophisticated person; a yokel
  2. (nautical) a short boom or spar used to extend a sail or secure a stay
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