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definition of the word azzurro

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From Persian لاجورد (lajward), azure), through Arabic لازوَرْدي (lāzuwardī), azure), stemming from Sanskrit rājāvarta, meaning lapis lazuli. Cognate with English azure, French azur, and Spanish azul.

azzurro, IPA: /adˈdzurro/, SAMPA: /ad"dzurro/

azzurro m (f azzurra, m plural azzurri, f plural azzurre)

  1. blue
  2. In or of an Italian national team (athlete, player etc)

azzurro m

  1. the colour blue

azzurro m. (plural azzurri)

  1. A member of the Italian national football team

azzurro m. (plural azzurri) (Feminine: azzurra)

  1. (sports) A member of an Italian national team.

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