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definition of the word avis

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  1. (obsolete) advice; opinion; deliberation.

From Latin "ad visum"


  1. newspaper

avis m. (plural avis) /a.vi/ /a.vi/

  1. advice

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avis (a bird)

From Proto-Indo-European *h₂éwis. Cognates include Ancient Greek ἀετός (aetos) and Sanskrit वि ().

avis (genitive avis); f, third declension

  1. a bird
    • ca. 833Nennius, Historia Brittonum, III, 54
      et vēnērunt ad eum avēs multī colōris innumerābilēs
      and came to him countless birds of many colors
  2. (figuratively) omen, portent

Third declension, parisyllabic i-stem variation (3:PAR).

Number Singular Plural
nominative avis avēs
genitive avis avium
dative avī avibus
accusative avem avēs 1
ablative ave avibus
vocative avis avēs

1 May also be avīs.

The ablative singular is often avī in Ecclesiastical Latin.

  • Aragonese: au
  • Catalan: au
  • Portuguese: ave
  • Spanish: ave

Inflected form of avus (grandfather)


  1. dative plural of avus
  2. ablative plural of avus

From Proto-Indo-European *h₃éwis.

avis f.

  1. sheep

From Latin "ad visum"

avis m. and f. (definite singular avisa/avisen; indefinite plural aviser; definite plural avisene)

  1. newspaper
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