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definition of the word atop

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  1. On the top of.
    He sat atop the mountain, waiting for the end of the world.
    • 1966, The Minnesota Review, vol. 6, page 242
      A virtue is made out of a necessity, with the child feeling far more atop and master of his oddness, his behavior now deliberate or even clever.
    • 2006, Dewey Lambdin, The Gun Ketch, page 48
      "And other things," she echoed, nodding slowly and resting her body a little more atop him again.
  2. On the top, with "of".

"Atop of" was formerly much more commonly used than now.

atop (not comparable)


not comparable

none (absolute)

  1. (literary or archaic) On, to, or at the top.
    • 1909, William Dean Howells, Seven English Cities, Kessinger Publishing 2004, p. 46:
      He has a handsome face, still bearded in the midst of a mostly clean-shaving nation, and with the white hairs prevalent on the cheeks and temples; his head is bald atop, though hardly from the uneasiness of wearing a crown.
    • 1978, James C. Humes, Speaker's Treasury of Anecdotes About the Famous, Harper & Row 1978, p. 102:
      The envoy found the French king playing the part of horse while his young son rode atop.


  1. roof
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