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definition of the word atlas

by the Wiktionnary

From the Greek Mythological figure Άτλας (Atlas), meaning "The Bearer (of the Heavens)", from τλῆναι (tlenai), (to suffer, endure, bear).



atlas (plural atlases)

  1. A bound collection of maps often including tables, illustrations, or other text.
  2. A bound collection of tables, illustrations, etc. on any subject.
  3. (topology) A collection of top-dimensional subspaces, called charts, each homeomorphic to Euclidean space, which comprise the entirety of a manifold, such that intersecting charts' respective homeomorphisms are compatible in a certain way.
  4. (anatomy) The uppermost vertebra of the neck.
  5. one who supports a heavy burden; mainstay.
  6. (architecture) a figure of a man used as a column; telamon.
  7. (paper) A sheet of paper 26" x 34"

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