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definition of the word assembly

by the Wiktionnary

From Middle English assemblee, from Anglo-Norman assembler (Old French assemblee, French: assemblée).

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Freedom of assembly




assembly (plural assemblies)

  1. A set of pieces that work together in unison as a mechanism or device.
  2. A congregation of people in one place for a purpose
    school assembly, freedom of assembly
  3. A legislative body; e.g., the General Assembly of the United Nations.
  4. (computing) A shortened or jargon form of the term assembly language.
  5. (computing) In Microsoft .NET, a building block of an application, similar to a DLL, but containing both executable code and information normally found in a DLL's type library. The type library information in an assembly, called a manifest, describes public functions, data, classes, and version info.

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