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definition of the word arian

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  1. (Christianity) Of or pertaining to the heresiarch Arias or to the Christological heresy named for him.

From ār.


  1. to show mercy to, spare
    Nænegum arað leode Deniga ac he lust wigeð, swefeð ond sændeþ. He spares none of the Danish people, but carries on his delight, slaying and dispatching. (Beowulf ll. 598-600)

Class 2 weak
present singular plural
1st person āriġe āriaþ
2nd person ārast
3rd person āraþ
subjunctive āriġe āriġen
preterite singular plural
1st person ārode ārodon
2nd person ārodest
3rd person ārode
subjunctive ārode āroden
imperative singular plural
āra āriaþ
participle present past
āriende (ġe)ārod


  1. silver
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