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definition of the word aller

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  1. of all; genitive form of al
    Tot op heden is Van Beethoven nog steeds één van de beroemdste en meest invloedrijke musici aller tijden. — Up to this day, Beethoven is still one of the most famous and most influential musicians of all times.

  • Forms beginning with v from Latin vadere, those beginning with a from Latin ambulare and those beginning with i from Latin ire.


  1. (intransitive) To go.
    Nous devons aller à l'école.
    We must go to school.
  2. (when followed by an infinitive verb) To be going (to) (to form the future tense); will
    Il allait visiter sa famille.
    He was going to his family.
  3. To be (to be feeling)
    J'espère que tu vas bien.
    I hope you are well.

  • Aller has an irregular imperative in the expression vas-y! ("Go on!").
  • The past historic form fut (compare Spanish fue) is attested in Saint-Exupéry's Le Petit Prince, in the phrase il s'en fut.

aller m. (plural allers)

  1. Outward trip; journey out; trip away (implying not returning)


  1. Masculine nominative form of alles ("all", as in "all of you").
  2. Feminine dative form of alles.
  3. Feminine genitive form of alles.
  4. Plural genitive form of alles.

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