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definition of the word actionable

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Cf. Late Latin actionabilis. See action.

actionable (comparative more actionable, superlative most actionable)


more actionable

most actionable

  1. (law) Affording grounds for legal action.
    I'm sure it's not good of me to write that he's a lush, but is it actionable?
    Clearly the libelous book is actionable, but I'm not commenting on anything to do with legal issues.
    • 1891, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Case of Identity
      “It may be so, or it may not, Mr. Holmes,” said he, “but if you are so very sharp you ought to be sharp enough to know that it is you who are breaking the law now, and not me. I have done nothing actionable from the first, but as long as you keep that door locked you lay yourself open to an action for assault and illegal constraint.
  2. (management) Capable of being articulated as an action item or a set of action items.
    One of our objectives in the next cycle is to have reviewed the documentation and determine the feasibility of our project plan schedule. Is that actionable? Can we determine any deliverables for this?
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