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< Middle English accion < Old French action < Latin actio (doing or making) < perfect passive participle actus (deed) < verb agere (to do, act) + action suffix -io; see act.



action (plural actions)

  1. Something done so as to accomplish a purpose.
  2. A way of motion or functioning.
    Knead bread with a rocking action.
  3. A fast-paced activity.
    an action movie
  4. A mechanism; a moving part or assembly.
    a rifle action
  5. (music): The set of moving mechanical parts in a keyboard instrument which transfer the motion of the key to the sound-making device.
  6. (slang) Sexual activity; intercourse.
    She gave him some action.
  7. The distance separating the strings and the fretboard on the guitar.
  8. (military) Combat.
    He saw some action in the Korean War.
  9. (law) A charge or other process in a law court.

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