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definition of the word aardvark

by the Wiktionnary


Afrikaans from aarde (earth), and vark (pig); hence "earth-pig". Early European colonists in South Africa noticed that the animal was similar to a pig, while "aarde" hints at the animal's habit of burrowing. The word was loaned from Afrikaans in the late 18th century.



aardvark (plural aardvarks)

  1. (zoology) A mammal, Orycteropus afer, of the order Tubulidentata, somewhat resembling a pig, common in some parts of sub-Saharan Africa. It burrows in the ground, and feeds mostly on termites, which it catches with its long, slimy tongue.
  2. (slang, particularly in the southeast US) A silly or credulous person who is prone to mistakes or blunders.
    I walked into the wrong bathroom like a total aardvark.

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