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definition of the word -er

by the Wiktionnary

From Old English -ere, from Proto-Germanic


  1. Added to verbs to form agent nouns with the sense of "person or thing which does the verb".
    reader, cooker, computer, runner-up, do-gooder
  2. Added to proper nouns to form proper nouns and proper adjectives with the sense of "resident or inhabitant of the place denoted by the proper noun".
    New Yorker
  3. Added to nouns to form nouns denoting occupations.
    astrologer, cricketer, trumpeter
  4. Added to numbers, measurements or numbers of things to form nouns meaning something ranked by that number, being of that measurement or having that number of things.
    sixer, six-footer, three-wheeler

The suffix may be used to form an agent noun of many verbs. In compound or phrasal verbs, the suffix usually follows the verb component (as in passerby and runner-up) but is sometimes added at the end, irrespective of the position of the verb component (do-gooder) or is added to both components for humorous effect (washer-upper).

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