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definition of the word ὀξύς

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  • (Classical): IPA: [okʰsʉ́s]
  • (Koine): IPA: [o̞kʰsˈys]
  • (Byzantine): IPA: [oksˈys]

ὀξύς m., ὀξεῖα f., ὀξύ n.; first/third declension; (oxus)

  1. sharp, pointed (especially of swords, axes, etc.)
  2. (of the senses): sharp, keen
    (of sight): dazzling, bright
    (of sound): shrill, piercing, high, sharp
  3. quick, hasty, swift
  4. sharp, clever

Strong’s concordance number: G3691

Definition from Wiktionary
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