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definition of the word à

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The Latin script
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Variations of letter A

à lower case (upper case À)

  1. The letter a with a grave accent.

Latin ad.

à (lower case, upper case A, alternate usage À)

  1. A with grave accent, a letter used in French mostly to distinguish some homographs and in transliteration.

  • Accents usage on capital letters is variable. Quebec usage is normally to put capitals, European usage usually does not put capitals.


  1. to (towards, in the direction of)
    Je vais à Paris. -- I am going to Paris.
  2. to (until)
    Le spectacle sera de 18h à 21h. -- The show will be from 6pm to 9 pm.
  3. at (said of a particular time)
    Je pars à cinq heures. -- I am leaving at five.
  4. at (said of a particular place)
    à la maison - at home
    à l'hôtel - at the hotel
  5. of (belonging to)
    C'est un ami à moi. -- This is a friend of mine.
    C'est la voiture à John. -- This is John's car.
  6. till, until (used in farewells)
    Salut, à demain. -- Bye, til tomorrow/Bye, see you tomorrow
  7. (cuisine) cooked in or with
    Steak au poivre -- Steak with pepper sauce

When followed by a definite article, à is combined with the article to give the following combined forms:

à + article Combined form
à + le au
à + la à la
à + l' à l'
à + les aux

  • Expresses a report/ratio of place (to), time (at), possession (of or 's), means, manner, price.
  • Introduced a complement of indirect object or a complement of attribution, a complement of the name or adjective.
  • Some intransitive verbs in French use à before the object, e.g. réussir à, jouer à. In these cases, the à is not translated into English

à (form of a4 with diacritic)

  1. :

Contraction of a (to) + a (the)


  1. to/at the


  1. from

  • Before the definite article the form às is used instead.

  • The following prepositional pronouns:





pronoun (emphatic)

mi asam asamsa
tu asad asadsa
e às às-san
i aiste aistese
sinn asainn asainne
sibh asaibh asaibhse
iad asta astasan

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