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English words ending with "ays"

adays, affrays, airways, allays, alleyways, always, anyways, archways, areaways, arrasways, arrays, ashtrays, assays, bays, belays, beltways, betrays, bewrays, bikeways, bioassays, birthdays, bluejays, brays, breadthways, breezeways, byplays, byways, cableways, caraways, castaways, causeways, cays, chambrays, chippeways, clays, coastways, companionways, crawlways, crossways, cutaways, days, decays, deejays, defrays, delays, disarrays, dismays, displays, doomsdays, doorways, downplays, drays, driveways, edgeways, embays, endways, entryways, essays, expressways, fadeaways, fairways, faradays, fays, fireclays, fishways, flatways, flays, floodways, flyaways, flyways, folkways, footways, forays, foreplays, forestays, frays, freeways, fridays, gainsays, gangways, gateways, gays, getaways, giveaways, grays, gunplays, hairsprays, hallways, hatchways, hays, headways, hearsays, heydays, hideaways, highways, holidays, holydays, hoorays, hurrays, inlays, interlays, interplays, jays, kays, keyways, kioways, layaways, lays, leastways, leeways, lengthways, logways, longways, mainstays, malays, manyways, margays, maydays, mays, middays, midways, mislays, misplays, mondays, morays, motorways, nays, noondays, nosegays, nowadays, noways, objibways, ofays, ojibways, okays, orfrays, otherways, outlays, outplays, outstays, overlays, overpays, overplays, overstays, parkways, parlays, passageways, pathways, paydays, pays, photoplays, plays, popinjays, portrays, prays, prepays, quays, raceways, railways, rays, relays, repays, replays, roadways, rockaways, ropeways, roundelays, routeways, runaways, runways, sashays, saturdays, says, schooldays, screenplays, seaways, shays, shipways, sickbays, sideways, skidways, skyways, slays, slideways, slipways, someways, soothsays, spays, speedways, spillways, splays, sprays, stairways, stays, stingrays, stowaways, straightways, strays, subways, sundays, superhighways, sways, taxiways, teleplays, thenadays, throughways, throwaways, thruways, thursdays, tideways, todays, tokays, tollways, towaways, trainways, tramways, trays, tuesdays, underlays, underpays, underplays, unsays, walkaways, walkways, washdays, waterways, waylays, ways, wednesdays, weekdays, welladays, wireways, wordplays, workdays, workways, yesterdays,

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