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English words ending with "ars"

afars, agars, alcazars, altars, alveolars, antimacassars, appears, arrears, ars, ashlars, attars, auriculars, avatars, axillars, bars, bazaars, bazars, bears, beggars, besmears, binoculars, blears, boars, bolivars, boxcars, briars, budgerigars, bugbears, burglars, bursars, calamars, calendars, cars, caterpillars, caviars, cedars, cellars, chars, cheddars, cigars, cinnabars, circulars, cizars, clears, collars, commissars, cougars, crossbars, crowbars, cudbears, cyclecars, czars, dartars, daystars, dears, debars, deodars, dinars, disappears, disbars, dogears, dollars, drawbars, ears, embars, endears, escars, eurodollars, exemplars, familiars, fears, feldspars, flatcars, footgears, footwears, forbears, forebears, forswears, friars, funiculars, gars, gears, gnars, grammars, guars, guitars, handcars, handlebars, hangars, headgears, hears, hussars, insulars, interscapulars, irregulars, isobars, jaegars, jaguars, jars, jears, jugulars, knitwears, lacunars, lars, lascars, lazars, liars, lightyears, lodestars, lumbars, lunars, magyars, mars, medlars, menswears, microbars, midyears, millibars, minicars, mishears, molars, mortars, motorcars, nears, neckwears, nectars, nightjars, oars, oculars, oscars, outwears, overbears, overhears, papuars, pars, particulars, pears, peculiars, perpendiculars, pillars, playwears, polars, polestars, poplars, premolars, pulsars, qindars, qintars, quasars, radars, rainwears, reappears, rears, regears, registrars, regulars, rehears, ricercars, roars, saltcellars, samovars, sandbars, scalars, scapulars, scars, scholars, scimitars, sears, seculars, seminars, shears, sidecars, singulars, sitars, skiwears, smears, soars, sofars, sonars, spars, spears, spectaculars, stars, stockcars, streetcars, subahdars, subcellars, sugars, swears, tars, tartars, tears, templars, titulars, tollbars, townwears, tramcars, tsars, turbocars, typebars, tzars, unbars, uprears, uproars, uvulars, vernaculars, vicars, vinegars, vulgars, wars, wears, years, yesteryears,

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