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English words ending with "ants"

aberrants, abradants, accountants, adamants, adjutants, administrants, adulterants, alterants, annuitants, anticoagulants, antidepressants, antioxidants, antiperspirants, ants, appellants, applicants, aspirants, assailants, assistants, assonants, attendants, attractants, bacchants, bouffants, brilliants, cants, celebrants, chants, chemosterilants, claimants, clairvoyants, coagulants, codefendants, colorants, combatants, commandants, communicants, complainants, confidants, congregants, consonants, constants, consultants, contaminants, contestants, coolants, cormorants, corybants, cosecants, courants, covenants, crants, croissants, currants, debutants, decants, decongestants, defendants, defoliants, denaturants, deodorants, depressants, descants, descendants, desiccants, determinants, deviants, dilatants, discants, discussants, disenchants, disinfectants, disputants, dominants, dopants, eggplants, elephants, emigrants, enchants, enfants, entrants, errants, evacuants, excitants, exhalants, expectorants, feuillants, fiants, figurants, flagellants, fondants, fumigants, gallants, gallivants, giants, grants, guardants, habitants, hants, hierophants, hydrants, immigrants, immunosuppressants, implants, incitants, indicants, infants, informants, inhabitants, inhalants, instants, insulants, insurants, intoxicants, irritants, itinerants, levants, libelants, lieutenants, litigants, lubricants, maidservants, malfeasants, matriculants, mendicants, menservants, merchants, migrants, militants, ministrants, miscreants, misinformants, mordants, mutants, nauseants, negotiants, noncombatants, nonintoxicants, nonmilitants, nonresistants, occupants, octants, odorants, officiants, operants, oxidants, pageants, pants, participants, peasants, pedants, penchants, pendants, pennants, pheasants, pieplants, pissants, plants, pollutants, postulants, powerplants, propellants, protestants, quadrants, quants, radiants, rants, reactants, recants, recreants, recusants, refrigerants, registrants, relaxants, remnants, replants, resonants, restaurants, resultants, retardants, revenants, ruminants, saturants, savants, scants, sealants, secants, sergeants, servants, sextants, sibilants, simulants, slants, sonants, sonorants, stimulants, subtenants, supplants, suppliants, supplicants, suppressants, surveillants, sycophants, tenants, termagants, toxicants, transplants, truants, tyrants, underpants, vagrants, valiants, variants, vesicants, vibrants, visitants, vivants, wants, warrants,

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