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English words ending with "ant"

abdicant, aberrant, abeyant, abirritant, abradant, absonant, abundant, accelerant, acceptant, accomptant, accordant, accountant, accusant, acquaintant, adamant, adhamant, adjoinant, adjutant, adjuvant, administrant, adragant, adulterant, adumbrant, affiant, affirmant, agglutinant, aidant, albicant, alicant, aliquant, allegiant, alliant, alterant, alternant, altisonant, altivolant, amarant, ambulant, amplectant, annuitant, ant, anticipant, anticoagulant, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, antioxidant, antiperspirant, apophlegmatizant, appealant, appellant, appendant, applicant, appreciant, appurtenant, arcboutant, armisonant, arrant, arrogant, ascendant, ascessant, askant, aslant, asonant, aspectant, asphyxiant, aspirant, assailant, assistant, assonant, attendant, attenuant, attestant, attractant, autotransplant, avant, avoidant, avowant, bacchant, battailant, beauseant, benignant, besant, bezant, blatant, bouffant, brant, brilliant, buoyant, byzant, calcitrant, calmant, calorifiant, candicant, cant, carburetant, cauterant, celebrant, cessant, chant, chantant, chargeant, chatoyant, chemosterilant, cicatrizant, circumflant, circumstant, circumvolant, claimant, clairvoyant, clamant, claudicant, clinkant, clinquant, coadjutant, coadjuvant, coagulant, codefendant, cognizant, cohabitant, coinhabitant, collitigant, colorant, combatant, combattant, commandant, commorant, communicant, complainant, complaisant, compliant, complicant, concomitant, concordant, confessant, confidant, conflagrant, confutant, conglutinant, congratulant, congregant, conjubilant, conjugant, connusant, consentant, conservant, consignificant, consolidant, consonant, conspirant, constant, consultant, containant, contaminant, contemplant, conterminant, contestant, continuant, contraindicant, contraremonstrant, contrariant, contrastimulant, conusant, conversant, convulsant, coolant, cooperant, corant, cormorant, corposant, corroborant, corrugant, coruscant, corvorant, corybant, cosecant, cotenant, couchant, counterirritant, counterpassant, countertrippant, courant, covariant, covenant, creant, crepitant, croissant, culminant, currant, curvant, debilitant, debutant, decant, declaimant, declarant, decolorant, decongestant, defendant, defiant, defoliant, deforciant, delegant, delirant, deliriant, demandant, denaturant, deodorant, dependant, deplant, depressant, depurant, derogant, descant, descendant, desiccant, determinant, deviant, digestant, dijudicant, dilatant, dilettant, disaccordant, discant, disciplinant, disclaimant, discordant, discovenant, discrepant, discriminant, discussant, disenchant, disgallant, disinfectant, disinfestant, disobeisant, displant, displeasant, disputant, dissonant, distant, dividant, domesticant, dominant, dopant, dormant, dotant, durant, edificant, edulcorant, eggplant, electant, elegant, elephant, eliminant, emanant, emicant, emigrant, enchant, endurant, enfant, engallant, ensuant, entrant, episcopant, equant, equidistant, equinumerant, equiponderant, equisonant, equitant, errant, essorant, evacuant, examinant, exceptant, excitant, excommunicant, executant, exhalant, exhibitant, exhilarant, exorbitant, expectant, expectorant, expirant, exsiccant, extant, extendant, extravagant, extuberant, exuberant, exultant, exuperant, eyeservant, fabricant, faineant, feasant, figurant, flagellant, flagrant, flamboyant, flippant, flotant, fluctuant, fondant, forbearant, foremeant, formant, fragrant, fruticant, fulgurant, fulminant, fumigant, galivant, gallant, gallivant, gardant, generant, gerant, germinant, gestant, giant, grant, grievant, guardant, gyrant, habitant, hesitant, hierophant, horrisonant, humectant, humiliant, hydrant, ignorant, illuminant, imaginant, immigrant, immunosuppressant, impeccant, imperant, imperseverant, implant, important, impregnant, impuissant, inaccordant, incapacitant, incensant, incessant, inchant, incitant, incogitant, incognitant, incognizant, incompliant, inconsonant, inconstant, inconversant, indicant, indignant, inebriant, inelegant, inequidistant, inerrant, inexistant, inexpectant, infant, informant, infragrant, ingestant, inhabitant, inhalant, injectant, inobservant, inoculant, insignificant, insinuant, insouciant, installant, instant, insurant, integrant, intemperant, intendant, interferant, interosculant, interpellant, interplant, interrogant, intersecant, intolerant, intoxicant, intrant, intrenchant, inundant, invariant, irradiant, irrelavant, irrelevant, irritant, issuant, iterant, itinerant, jant, jazerant, jessant, joinant, jubilant, laborant, lactant, lant, latitant, latrant, leant, lenocinant, levant, libant, libelant, libellant, lieutenant, litigant, lubricant, luminant, luxuriant, maidservant, malacissant, malfeasant, malignant, manservant, marcantant, matriculant, maturant, maupassant, meant, mediant, medicant, mendiant, mendicant, mendinant, menstruant, merchant, migrant, militant, ministrant, miscognizant, miscreant, misdemeanant, misinformant, mitigant, montant, mordant, mordicant, mountant, multivagant, multiversant, mundificant, mundivagant, mutant, naiant, naissant, natant, nauseant, negotiant, nidulant, noctivagant, nonchalant, noncombatant, nonconversant, nonextant, noninhabitant, nonintoxicant, nonirritant, nonjurant, nonmalignant, nonmilitant, nonparticipant, nonresistant, nonruminant, nonsignificant, nonsonant, nutant, obeisant, objectant, obscurant, observant, obumbrant, obversant, occupant, octant, odorant, offendant, officiant, olefiant, olifant, omnivagant, ondoyant, operant, oppugnant, ordinant, ordonnant, originant, oscitant, osculant, outcant, ovant, overabundant, overelegant, overexpectant, oxidant, pageant, palpitant, pant, paralyzant, paravant, participant, pasquilant, passant, peasant, peccant, pedant, penchant, pendant, penetrant, pennant, perchant, permeant, persant, perseverant, petulant, pheasant, pieplant, piquant, pissant, plainant, plant, pleasant, pliant, poignant, pollutant, ponvolant, postulant, poursuivant, practisant, precant, precipitant, predicant, predominant, pregnant, pregustant, prejudicant, premiant, premonstrant, preponderant, preregnant, pressitant, pretendant, prevoyant, principiant, proant, procreant, propellant, protestant, protuberant, provant, puissant, pursuant, pursuivant, pustulant, quadrant, quant, questant, radiant, radicant, rampant, rant, ravissant, rayonnant, reactant, reboant, recalcitrant, recant, reclaimant, reclinant, recombinant, recreant, recursant, recusant, redundant, reentrant, refrigerant, regardant, registrant, regnant, regrant, reguardant, regurgitant, rehabilitant, reimplant, reiterant, relaxant, relevant, reliant, reluctant, remeant, remenant, remnant, remonstrant, remontant, renaissant, repassant, repellant, repentant, replant, replicant, representant, reptant, repugnant, resemblant, resiant, resistant, resonant, respectant, resplendishant, restagnant, restant, restaurant, resultant, resuscitant, retardant, retrocopulant, revenant, reverberant, rhonchisonant, riant, roborant, romant, rousant, ruminant, rutilant, sacrificant, saliant, salivant, saltant, saturant, savant, saxifragant, scant, scintillant, sealant, seawant, secant, sectant, segregant, sejant, sejeant, semblant, sergeant, serjeant, servant, sextant, sibilant, significant, simulant, slant, solicitant, solivagant, somnambulant, sonant, sonorant, spectant, spirant, stagnant, stant, statant, stimulant, suant, subalternant, subdominant, sublieutenant, submediant, subministrant, substant, subtenant, subverant, succeedant, suffisant, suffragant, superabundant, superdominant, supererogant, superfluitant, supernatant, superplant, supplant, suppliant, supplicant, supplyant, suppressant, suppurant, surintendant, surveillant, sustenant, susurrant, sycophant, tant, tenant, terebrant, tergant, termagant, terminant, thrillant, titrant, tolerant, tonophant, topgallant, toxicant, transcendant, transmigrant, transplant, transportant, trant, tremulant, trenchant, trippant, triumphant, triumplant, trivant, truant, turbant, turribant, tyrant, ululant, uncessant, uncompliant, unconsonant, unconstant, unconversant, underplant, underservant, undertenant, undulant, unelegant, unextravagant, ungallant, unimportant, unisonant, univariant, unmeant, unobservant, unpleasant, unrepentant, unresistant, unsignificant, untenant, usant, usurpant, vacant, vacillant, vaginant, vagrant, valiant, vant, variant, velivolant, vengeant, verdant, vernant, versant, vesicant, vibrant, vigilant, visitant, vivant, vociferant, volant, want, warrant, zealant,

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