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English words ending with "ane"

aeroplane, airplane, antemundane, aquaplane, arcane, avellane, balletomane, bane, beltane, biplane, brisbane, bugbane, butane, cane, capellane, cellophane, chicane, chlordane, chlormethane, chlorophane, chromophane, chrysophane, cismontane, cispadane, counterpane, cowbane, crane, crepane, cymophane, dane, decane, deplane, diane, diaphane, dioxane, dodecane, dogbane, dogvane, doorplane, douane, eikosane, elecampane, emplane, endecane, enplane, ethane, extramundane, fane, filigrane, fleabane, flybane, fossane, frangipane, gane, germane, glaucophane, grane, hecdecane, henbane, hendecane, heptane, hexadecane, hexane, hexeikosane, humane, hurricane, hyalophane, hydrobiplane, hydrophane, hydroplane, hydroxanthane, immane, inane, inframundane, inhumane, insane, intermontane, intermundane, intramundane, inurbane, jane, karagane, lane, lepidomelane, leucophane, liane, lindane, lithophane, malamethane, mane, marchpane, membrane, methane, mirbane, miscellane, molokane, monomane, monoplane, montane, multiplane, mundane, nitromethane, nonane, nondecane, nonplane, nonsane, octane, otocrane, oxamethane, oxamethylane, oxbane, pacane, pane, pavane, pedimane, pentadecane, pentane, pesane, phane, plane, portpane, profane, propane, prophane, psilomelane, purcelane, purslane, pusane, pyrophane, quadrumane, quadruplane, quartane, ratsbane, recane, rhodophane, salagane, sane, seaplane, septane, skiplane, soutane, sowbane, spane, spokane, stane, stilpnomelane, submontane, subterrane, succedane, sugarcane, supermundane, supramundane, taxiplane, terrane, tetradecane, tetrakosane, thane, tisane, tolane, tolletane, tramontane, transpadane, trichloromethane, tridecane, trikosane, triphane, triplane, tryptophane, tzigane, ultramontane, ultramundane, undecane, urbane, urethane, vane, volplane, wane, warplane, windowpane, wolfsbane, xanthophane, zincane,

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