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English words ending with "ain"

abstain, again, almain, amain, appertain, archchamberlain, ascertain, attain, atwain, bain, bargain, berain, bestain, betweenbrain, birdbrain, blain, bloodstain, boatswain, brain, britain, captain, catchdrain, certain, chain, chamberlain, chaplain, chevrotain, chieftain, chilblain, cinquain, cocain, cockswain, complain, constrain, contain, coordain, copatain, cordwain, coxswain, coxwain, curtain, dagswain, darrain, demain, demimondain, derain, destain, detain, detrain, digitain, disdain, distain, distrain, domain, drain, elain, enchain, encurtain, endbrain, engrain, entertain, entrain, epictetain, explain, eyestrain, fain, featherbrain, filigrain, flain, floodplain, forebrain, foreordain, fountain, fusain, gain, gainpain, germain, grain, grosgrain, hindbrain, hogchain, incertain, incurtain, ingrain, interbrain, interchain, jain, kain, lackbrain, lain, lamebrain, legerdemain, madbrain, main, maintain, melain, midbrain, midmain, mislain, mistrain, mortmain, mountain, murrain, novocain, obtain, ordain, outbargain, outvillain, overlain, overstrain, overtrain, pain, papain, payndemain, pearmain, peneplain, pertain, plain, plantain, porcelain, pottain, preascertain, preobtain, preordain, ptomain, purslain, quatorzain, quatrain, quintain, rain, rattlebrain, reattain, refrain, regain, remain, reobtain, reordain, reredemain, restrain, retain, retrain, sain, scatterbrain, scillain, seatrain, sextain, skain, slain, souterrain, spain, sprain, stain, stovain, strain, superstrain, sustain, suzerain, swain, tagliacotain, tain, tearstain, terrain, thereagain, train, twain, uncertain, unchain, unchaplain, uncurtain, underchamberlain, underdrain, underlain, ungain, unstrain, untwain, uptrain, vain, vervain, villain, wain, welldrain, zain,

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