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English words ending with "age"

abusage, accourage, acierage, acreage, adage, adjustage, adjutage, advantage, afterimage, age, agiotage, ajutage, alienage, alloyage, alnage, altarage, ambassage, amenage, amperage, anchorage, anecdotage, angelage, apanage, appanage, appenage, appendage, apprenticeage, arbitrage, archimage, arrearage, assemblage, assuage, asswage, aulnage, avenage, average, backstage, bacteriophage, badinage, baggage, ballastage, ballotage, bandage, barbacanage, barbicanage, baronage, baronetage, barrage, bavardage, beaconage, beguinage, berthage, beverage, billage, birdcage, blindage, blocage, blockage, boatage, bodrage, bondage, boomage, borage, bordage, borrage, boscage, boskage, bossage, brakeage, brassage, breakage, brennage, brewage, brigandage, brocage, brokage, brokerage, bulkage, bunkerage, buoyage, burgage, bushelage, butlerage, cabbage, cabotage, cage, camouflage, carcelage, careenage, carnage, carriage, cartage, cartilage, carucage, cellarage, centage, chantage, chaperonage, checkage, chevage, chiefage, chiminage, chomage, circumambage, clearage, cleavage, clientage, clientelage, cloudage, clownage, coinage, collage, colportage, commonage, concubinage, consulage, cooperage, corage, cordage, corkage, cornage, corsage, cosenage, cosinage, costage, cottage, couage, couhage, counterespionage, countergage, courage, cousinage, coverage, cowage, cowhage, cozenage, cranage, creepage, cribbage, crimpage, cubage, cuinage, culerage, culrage, curettage, curtilage, damage, decolletage, decoupage, degage, demorage, demurrage, desponsage, diallage, disadvantage, discage, discourage, disengage, disgage, dismortgage, disparage, disusage, dockage, domage, doomage, dosage, dotage, downstage, drainage, drayage, drengage, dressage, driftage, drownage, dumpage, dunnage, eatage, embassage, empennage, enallage, encage, encourage, endamage, enfleurage, engage, enrage, ensilage, entourage, envisage, equipage, eremitage, escheatage, escuage, espionage, espousage, estoppage, expressage, factorage, faldage, fardage, ferriage, ferryage, fibrocartilage, floatage, floodage, floorage, floriage, flotage, flowage, flowerage, foldage, foliage, footage, forage, forestage, fortilage, fosterage, fratrage, fratriage, fraughtage, freightage, frequentage, fromage, frontage, fruitage, frutage, fuage, fullage, fumage, fuselage, gabarage, gabionage, gage, gainage, galage, garage, garbage, gastrolavage, gaussage, gavage, glandage, graffage, graftage, greengage, grillage, groundage, guardage, guardenage, guardianage, guidage, gullage, gunnage, hallage, harborage, harrage, haulage, havenage, helmage, hemorrhage, herbage, herbergage, heritage, hermitage, hidage, homage, hospitage, hostage, housage, hucksterage, husbandage, hydage, hydromassage, hypallage, image, imposturage, impoundage, incage, indamage, intercommonage, intermarriage, kage, keelage, keyage, knightage, lactage, langrage, language, lastage, lavage, leafage, leakage, leverage, liage, libertinage, lighterage, linage, lineage, linkage, loadmanage, lochage, lockage, lodemanage, lovage, luggage, mage, manage, manurage, marriage, massage, matrilineage, matronage, measurage, meltage, menage, message, messuage, metage, metayage, meterage, milage, mileage, millage, mintage, mirage, miscarriage, mismanage, mismarriage, misusage, mockage, moneyage, montage, moorage, mortgage, mucilage, multistage, murage, mutage, naufrage, nonage, offstage, ohmage, onstage, orphanage, osage, ossifrage, outage, outrage, overage, overdosage, paage, package, page, panderage, pannage, parage, parentage, parquetage, parsonage, partage, passage, pastorage, pasturage, patronage, pavage, paviage, peage, pedage, peerage, pelage, pellage, pelotage, pennage, peonage, percentage, persiflage, personage, pesage, phage, piccage, pierage, pilage, pilferage, pilgrimage, pillage, pilotage, pinnage, pipage, plage, plantage, plottage, plumage, plumbage, plunderage, pollage, pommage, pontage, portage, porterage, postage, potage, pottage, poundage, preengage, pregage, prepackage, presage, pressurage, primage, prisage, proctorage, prosuffrage, pucelage, pumpage, pupilage, putage, putrilage, quarterage, quayage, quietage, raftage, rage, ramage, rampage, rappage, ravage, reassemblage, recarriage, recoinage, reencourage, reengage, remarriage, remortgage, rentage, repackage, repassage, reportage, repoussage, restage, rivage, rokeage, romage, roomage, roughage, rubbage, ruffianage, rummage, sabotage, sackage, sage, salvage, sassanage, sausage, savage, saxifrage, scaffoldage, scarmage, scavage, scourage, scrappage, scrimmage, scrippage, scrummage, scutage, seasonage, secretage, seepage, seigneurage, seigniorage, seignorage, selvage, semisavage, serfage, servage, serviceage, sewage, sewerage, shippage, shorage, shortage, shrinkage, shroffage, silage, sinkage, sipage, siphonage, skipperage, skrimmage, slackage, slippage, smallage, soakage, socage, soilage, sorrage, soundage, soutage, sparage, sperage, spillage, spinage, spoilage, spousage, stackage, stage, stallage, standage, steerage, sternage, stillage, stirrage, stockbrokerage, stoppage, storage, stowage, stumpage, suage, subaverage, substage, suffrage, suillage, sullage, sulliage, superplusage, suppage, surplusage, swage, sweepage, tailage, tallage, talliage, tankage, tannage, tapinage, teacherage, teenage, telpherage, tentage, thanage, thirlage, tillage, tollage, tonnage, towage, trackage, treillage, triage, tronage, truage, truckage, tunnage, tutelage, tutorage, ullage, ulnage, ultrage, umbrage, umpirage, uncage, underage, undercarriage, unusage, upstage, usage, vagabondage, vantage, vassalage, vaultage, ventage, verbiage, vernage, viage, vicarage, vicinage, victualage, viduage, viinage, village, villanage, villeinage, villenage, vintage, visage, vitrage, volage, voltage, voyage, waftage, wage, wagonage, wainage, wantage, warpage, wastage, waterage, wattage, weftage, weighage, wharfage, windage, wordage, wrappage, wreckage, yarage, yardage, yokeage,

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