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English words ending with "acy"

abbacy, accuracy, acritochromacy, adequacy, advocacy, alternacy, apostacy, archiepiscopacy, aristocracy, autocracy, bureaucracy, candidacy, celibacy, coefficacy, complicacy, concubinacy, confederacy, congeneracy, conspiracy, contumacy, curacy, degeneracy, delegacy, delicacy, deliracy, democracy, demonocracy, depopulacy, determinacy, diplomacy, disconsolacy, docimacy, doulocracy, dulocracy, effeminacy, efficacy, episcopacy, equivocacy, extacy, fallacy, federacy, feminacy, fermacy, fugacy, gerontocracy, gunocracy, gynecocracy, gyneocracy, gynocracy, hagiocracy, hierocracy, idiocracy, idiosyncracy, illegitimacy, illiteracy, immaculacy, immediacy, immoderacy, importunacy, inaccuracy, inadequacy, inconsideracy, indelicacy, indeterminacy, inefficacy, inmacy, inordinacy, intermediacy, intestacy, intimacy, intricacy, inveteracy, inviolacy, irregeneracy, itineracy, jesuitocracy, kakistocracy, lacy, legacy, legitimacy, leucophlegmacy, literacy, lunacy, magistracy, mediacy, meritocracy, ministracy, mobocracy, monocracy, neocracy, nomocracy, normalacy, obduracy, obstinacy, ochlocracy, optimacy, pantisocracy, papacy, pedantocracy, perspicacy, pertinacy, pervicacy, pharmacy, piracy, plantocracy, plutocracy, polycracy, polypharmacy, populacy, potentacy, prejudicacy, prelacy, primacy, privacy, probacy, procuracy, profligacy, prolificacy, racy, regeneracy, reprobacy, retiracy, slaveocracy, slavocracy, snobocracy, statocracy, stratocracy, subordinacy, supremacy, surrogacy, technocracy, tenacy, testacy, theocracy, timocracy, ultimacy, univocacy, unregeneracy,

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