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English words starting with "aff"

affability, affable, affableness, affably, affabrous, affair, affaire, affaires, affairs, affamish, affamishment, affatuate, affear, affect, affectation, affectationist, affectations, affected, affectedly, affectedness, affecter, affecters, affectibility, affectible, affecting, affectingly, affection, affectional, affectionate, affectionated, affectionately, affectionateness, affectioned, affectionless, affections, affective, affectively, affectivity, affects, affectuous, affeer, affeerer, affeerment, affeeror, afferent, afferently, affettuoso, affiance, affianced, affiancer, affiances, affiancing, affiant, affiche, affidavit, affidavits, affied, affile, affiliable, affiliate, affiliated, affiliates, affiliating, affiliation, affiliations, affinal, affine, affined, affinitative, affinities, affinitive, affinity, affirm, affirmable, affirmably, affirmance, affirmant, affirmation, affirmations, affirmative, affirmatively, affirmativeness, affirmatives, affirmatory, affirmed, affirmer, affirmers, affirming, affirms, affix, affixal, affixation, affixed, affixer, affixers, affixes, affixing, affixion, affixture, afflation, afflatus, afflict, afflicted, afflictedness, afflicter, afflicting, affliction, afflictionless, afflictions, afflictive, afflictively, afflicts, affluence, affluency, affluent, affluently, affluentness, affluents, afflux, affluxes, affluxion, affodill, afforce, afforcement, afforciament, afford, affordable, afforded, affording, affordment, affords, afforest, afforestation, afforested, afforesting, afforests, afformative, affranchise, affranchisement, affrap, affray, affrayed, affrayer, affrayers, affraying, affrayment, affrays, affreight, affreighter, affreightment, affret, affricate, affriction, affriended, affright, affrighted, affrightedly, affrighten, affrighter, affrightful, affrighting, affrightment, affrights, affront, affronte, affronted, affrontedly, affrontee, affronter, affronting, affrontingly, affrontive, affrontiveness, affronts, affuse, affused, affusing, affusion, affusions, affy, affying,
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